Forecast-IT | Residual Value Forecasts.

Forecast-IT is a worldwide market leading software application used by many major leasing companies, manufacturers & fleet operators to provide accurate residual value forecasts. (RV's)

Key Benefits

  • Accuracy, consistency & auditabilityLogical & transparent Forecast-IT methodology
  • Market positioning comparisonBenchmarked comparisons to 3rd party data
  • Vehicle linking and trending analysisHistorically stored data
  • MI & in-depth analysis reportingStandard & customised pivot reporting
  • Systems integrationAutomated data transfer into core applications
  • Pan European applicationMulti-lingual and euro conversion software
  • Cost efficient solutionEnd-to-end pricing & risk management software
  • Consistency & time savingAutomated review process facilitates more time for analysis which in turn increases accuracy
  • Bespoke RV forecastsUser defined parameters
  • Accurate data & error eliminationUser defined validation layer
  • Efficient risk managementKPI dashboard analysis
  • Bespoke flexibilityCustomised dashboards
  • WorkflowIncreased efficiency and process transparency

Key Features



Pan European modular approach to RV Forecasting    YES
Transparent parameter driven logical & forecasting methodology    YES
10 year forecasting for new/used Cars & LCV    YES
Full review process linked to Excel interface   YES
Relationships management    YES
Options RV management    YES
Third party data management    YES
Data comparison and trending facilities    YES
User defined validation layer   YES
User defined data fields   YES
Customisable dashboards deliver unrivalled MI reporting & analysis   YES
Bespoke vehicle option (create your own vehicles)   YES
System integration   YES
Multiple deployment options including Desktop, Web & Hosted   YES

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