OPTIMISE-IT is a web based software tool essential for any vehicle rental company involved in the purchasing, short term operation and disposal of cars and vans.

This product is targeted at customers who have short to medium term contracts and will typically have large concentrations of similar vehicles, have flexible contract length arrangements and will negotiate bulk discounts directly with vehicle manufacturers.

The core functionality of Optimise-IT enables the user to determine the optimal point at which to dispose of a vehicle considering a number of factors such as depreciation, maintenance, seasonality, fleet concentration and required profit margin.

Optimise-IT can also be used to determine viability of new business opportunities by the calculation of new vehicle batch rentals or reverse calculating required discount levels for procurement shopping lists.

The decision around vehicle disposal will often be in tandem with a decision on what new replacement vehicles can be sourced; therefore the same data can be displayed for new vehicle not yet on fleet coupled with a calculation engine that determines the required level of discount from the manufacture based a number of input variables from the customer around vehicle utilisation expectations and target profit levels.

The ability to perform this analysis on mass across thousands of vehicles is at the core of the solution for the customer.

Key Benefits

  • Proactive negotiations Accurate calculations to enable informed decisions
  • Maximise profitabilityIdentifies when certain vehicles become less profitable
  • Decision making Calculates holding costs for each vehicle on the fleet
  • High level of flexibility Discount calculator works out how much discount is required to make deal viable
  • Enhanced financial information Valuations & forecasts at vehicle level
  • MI & in-depth analysis reportingStandard & customised pivot reporting or interface with proprietary systems
  • Pan European applicationMulti-lingual and euro conversion software

Key Features

System integration



Pan European modular approach    YES
Transparent parameter driven methodology    YES
New vehicles acquisition decision maker    YES
Procurement led ‘best buys’   YES
Maintenance and holding costs exposure    YES
Optimal disposal point    YES
Discount calculator    YES
Alternative vehicle option    YES
Automated AF/SIPP coding   YES
Holding cost trending   YES
User defined validation layer   YES
User defined data fields   YES
Customisable dashboards deliver unrivalled MI reporting & analysis   YES
System integration   YES
Multiple deployment options including Desktop, Web & Hosted   YES

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