Recalc-IT is a software module designed for vehicle portfolio re-evaluation and acquisition.

This module is currently being used to re-evaluate in excess of 2 million vehicles per month.

A lessor’s ultimate profitability depends largely on the accuracy of the residual values and maintenance budgets set at the inception of each new contract.

Risk evaluation is essential to all vehicle leasing companies. Accounting practices mandate that provisions are made against potential asset risk where it can be accurately valued. Recalc-IT does this quickly and cost effectively.

Effective business management relies on a company’s ability to plan and budget for potential profit/loss, Recalc-IT facilitates detailed provisioning to accurately forecast profit and loss at vehicle level.

Recalc-IT has a new sophisticated maintenance re-evaluation forecasting methodology which is designed to work with your existing SMR provider’s data.

The module has the capability to re-evaluate the current risk portfolio or evaluate other fleets for acquisition purposes.

Key Benefits

  • Accuracy, consistency & auditabilityLogical & transparent Forecast-IT methodology
  • Controlled provision & P&L planning Accurate portfolio re-evaluation
  • MI & in-depth analysis reportingStandard & customised pivot reporting or interface with proprietary systems
  • Systems integration Automated data transfer
  • Accurate data cleansing User defined validation layer
  • Pan European applicationMulti-lingual and euro conversion software
  • Dedicated output Multiple user defined parameters
  • PCP returns forecasting PCP returns propensity layer
  • Voluntary termination risk planning Voluntary termination calculation
  • Financial stress testing ability Multiple what-if scenarios
  • Monthly impairment monitoring Bridging analysis
  • Time saving & cost efficientRapid calculation process
  • Accurate vehicle identificationVIN lookup

Key Features



Pan European modular approach to Re-evaluation    YES
Un-limited fleet size capability    YES
Transparent parameter driven forecasting methodology    YES
Residual Value & SMR revaluation for Cars & LCV   YES
Monthly or Rolling average calculations available    YES
Scenario stress testing    YES
VT planning tool    YES
Propensity layer    YES
Impairment monitoring   YES
Options RV capability   YES
Customer hierarchy   YES
Stock valuation   YES
Profit/Loss planning   YES
Disposal performance reporting   YES
Contract performance reporting   YES
User defined validation layer   YES
User defined data fields   YES
Customisable dashboards deliver unrivalled MI reporting & analysis   YES
Bespoke vehicle option (create your own vehicles)   YES
System integration   YES
Multiple deployment options including Desktop, Web & Hosted   YES

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