Retain-IT is a web based customer retention software tool essential for any finance or leasing company or manufacturer involved in financing vehicles on PCP, lease purchase or hire purchase.

The key to successful customer retention is flexibility, Retain-IT handles the pricing terms, campaign data, partner programs, contributions, allowances in conjunction with accurate quotations as well as providing you with a choice of replacement vehicles New or Used

The tool works in parallel to current CRM systems to produce ‘hot lead’ data on current finance customers indicating when they reach rental parity within their current vehicle finance agreement.

Retain-IT gives you the power to stay one step ahead of your customers and the competition, turning a potential loss into a new profit opportunity and enhancing Brand Loyalty.

Unlike other similar products Retain-IT has a unique function that identifies the replacement vehicle that matches the customer requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Pro-active sales tool Dynamic approach to customer renewal
  • Offers customer vehicle choice rather than fixed offering Opportunity to upgrade (downgrade)
  • Eliminates difficult PX haggling Enable non-confrontational transaction
  • Customer offer based around existing payments Eliminates uncertainty of fresh budgeting
  • Reduces risk of customers ‘shopping’ near to end of contract Helps eliminate competition
  • Specific Hot Leads All targeted customers are in a viable position to purchase
  • Empowers sales people/business managers Confidence improves conversions
  • Business retention Improved profits for the OEM, funder and dealerships
  • Brand loyalty builder Potential future sales
  • Low cost sales leads to dealerships Savings on less effective marketing costs
  • Produces supply of late used cars for retail Second profit opportunity
  • Intelligent marketing Improved campaign strategy
  • Win – Win sales tool Customer upgrades or refreshes, business has increased sales and finance
  • Shorten customer replacement cycles Identifies customers to engage for early replacement with ability to switch products & terms
  • High level of flexibility Manages all campaign & partner programs combined with accurate quotations & replacement vehicle specification
  • Increased dealer touch-points enhancing brand loyalty Targeting customers with accurate sustainable offers while identifying ‘best’ deal for the customer

Key Features



Comprehensive ‘Cost to Deal’ calculation    YES
Unique vehicle replacement matching    YES
Accurate cross referencing    YES
User defined validation layer   YES
Campaign management    YES
Accurate finance calculator    YES
User defined data fields    YES
Customisable dashboards    YES
Tactical product switching   YES
Used vehicle capability   YES
Logical and transparent forecasting methodology   YES
Fully auditable calculations   YES

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