CONDU-IT is a vehicle data platform facilitating the import and integration of data from multiple sources. This is combined and stored in a data warehouse, a structured Oracle database designed to facilitate a vast range of current and historic vehicle data which is constantly updated with new pricing and technical information, terms, RVs & SMR.

The software is entirely user definable and provides a centralised approach to accessing, configuring, filtering and modifying data in numerous ways to manage validation, quality, workflow and export.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced reliance on large spreadsheets All Key Information stored in a data warehouse
  • Single system to manage ALL interfacesVehicle code cross referencing
  • MI & in-depth analysis reportingStandard & customised pivot reporting or interface with proprietary systems
  • Shared data throughout the businessFacilitates interfacing from a single application to feed multiple quotation systems
  • Vehicle linking and trending analysisHistorically stored data
  • Pan European applicationMulti-lingual and euro conversion software
  • Cost efficient solutionEnd-to-end pricing & risk management software
  • Consistency & time savingAutomated review process
  • Improved data managementUser defined workflow statues
  • Accurate data & error eliminationUser defined validation layer
  • Efficient pricing managementManagement of pricing KPIs with 360° data dashboard
  • Bespoke flexibilityCustomised dashboards and bespoke exports

Key Features



Pan European modular approach to data management


Access to RV, SMR & Pricing data


Third party data management


Data comparison and trending facilities


User defined validation layer


User defined data fields


Customisable dashboards deliver unrivalled MI reporting & analysis


Bespoke vehicle option (create your own vehicles)


User definable workflow status


Email integration

System integration   YES

Multiple deployment options including Desktop, Web & Hosted


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